Meet My Writing


I’ve always been writing stuff down: thoughts, feelings, inventions… words are the easiest way to translate our dreams into something that someone else can understand.  English class has always been a favorite thing for me… but not in the way that you might expect it to be.  Harnessing my imagination, the pen or pencil or whatever writing instrument I could get my hands on became my vehicle into another realm of possibility: a place where all that was me became a reality.

In today’s market, a writer cannot exist without a computer or the internet. And, though I may not always use my computer to craft words, I find inspiration and ideas flow freely through this perpetual stream of media and data.  Part of me can understand how my parents must have felt… Seeing vinyl yo-yo from cassette to compact disc and then back to vinyl again.  The art of story will never be lost… whatever media shape it takes: we humans can’t get enough of it!

POETRY for me…


This is what I’ve been doing longest.  Remember writing poems about the guy you always wanted to kiss or the feeling you never could quite put your finger on?  At sixteen, poetry is what I used to figure things out.  Sure, I kept the odd diary… But I find more clarity in some of the stuff I wrote when I was trying on different forms of poetry.

Tell me why does it seem to hurt so much, / And every thing I do is wrong./ Why do you walk away when I’m close to you:/ When I’ve cared so much for so long?”

Taken from a poem I wrote about the first boy I ever wanted to kiss– who was also my first boyfriend– but he was taking his sweet time to make the first move and I thought it was something that I wasn’t doing right.  Kids… We always find such interesting ways to try and explain what we don’t fully understand.

I have since come out of the closet– as ‘Poet Proper’– by submitting some of my favorite pieces to local poetry contests up here in Ottawa.  No, I never heard anything back… but I think the actual act of sending my poetry out to a stranger was a big enough step for me.

This year, I’ve sent a collection of poems to CBC’s Canada Writes Poetry.  Titled ‘Passing Fancies,’ it fell within the word limit and was comprised of a collection of child-like images and stories about the ever-passing art of enjoying life– to its fullest extent!

SCRIPTING my reality…

Here’s where my acting chops really some into play.  Yes, that’s right folks: I went to theatre school.  For five long years, I studied the art of theatre and acting and english at university and college, all at the same time.  Thankfully, I’ve survived… and now <drum roll> I’ve written a kicking script that’s been down Hollywood way since March of this year.

superficialI wrote SUPERFICIAL back in 2007.  It was this silly little bit of stuff I cooked up because I wanted to come up with something that I could work on with my acting buddy Barb.  She’s funny and spunky and imaginative and half my size.  What if I could be sidekick to her superhero?  Intrigued?  Yeah, me too.  I got pretty sick with thyroid cancer in the interim… and then I got better… and then I saw an ad that was posted by a script search where they wanted a comedy that my SUPERFICIAL baby would be perfect for.  I dug her up… I edited the crap out of her (expanding and deleting scenes, etc.)  I got great feedback– including the fact that it wasn’t ready– but for the first time: I know that I’ve got an amazing story to share.  No… I’m not going to talk in any more detail about it now.  It’s kind of sort of in the process of making heads turn.  But I promise to keep you posted. It’s a high-concept comedy and it’s marketable– there, ’nuff said!

I’ve written a bunch of plays, including a World War II drama with music, and I’m currently developing a few more spec scripts and some ideas for tv shows.  I’ve had seven plus years of experience editing and developing spec scripts (including pre-prod duties like scheduling shoots and location scouting.)

And now for my CREATIVE bout of NON-FICTION…

Yeah… So I know this is a relatively new genre.  In fact, I was not even familiar enough with it until the past couple of years to know that I was even any good at it.  My first turn at it came through a somewhat awkward attempt at trying to find something interesting in  my life to write about.  I guess I sort of managed that.  For those of you who don’t know me all that well: I’ve had to deal with some of the toughest things that life can throw at you.  At eighteen, my family and I were involved in a serious car accident and then I got thyroid cancer for my thirtieth birthday.  I know. I know.  I’m not bragging about any of this… just trying to give you a clearer picture of where I thought I was coming from. I wrote a piece for CBC Canada Writes Creative Non-Fiction about meeting your mortality.  Don’t know why I thought that would be an entertaining subject but I did it anyway. Then I wrote a longer piece for Edna Staebler (they had no word limit) and it was serious and moving and authentic and cathartic and it didn’t get any feedback either.

Hind sight is 20-20, right?  Well, as you may have guessed: I’m not taking myself so very seriously anymore.  Not when it comes to talking about the frightening things I’ve learned to live with and through.  This year, I was trying to come up with something better for Canada Writes… and I kept thinking and thinking and trying out ideas.  Then, on March 1st (the day it was due) I woke up with boobs on the brain.  I wrote a 1200-1500 word piece about the glory that is womanhood our trained obsession with boobage and then what happens when one of them gets really sick and needs to be removed.  No… this isn’t about my titties.  I’m talking about the stuff that my amazing Momma was dealing with while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  So I should hear back from them sometime in August (that’s right = this month.)

In otwrdsthatinspireher words?  Yes. I write.  I’m probably going to try my hand at writing a novel and I know that I’ve got a graphic novel in the works…

So check back: I promise I’ll keep you posted.

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