Welcome to my world…

croppedsuperheroplanBeginning again has got to be a pre-ordained way of being for me.  Ripe with the knowledge that I hardly knew enough to venture forth into the big old scary world of becoming an adult, I had life’s carpet ripped out from underneath me.

It feels like it’s never been easy but I know that’s a crock!  Funny ain’t it, how we humans remember all the details about crappy stuff that happens in life.  

Humans have an amazing ability to transform themselves, their lives and all the ways that they interact with the world at large.  Now, I’m not talking  airy fairy Mumbo jumbo– I’m here to tell you that true power is what you were born with… History (our own and everyone else’s) repeatedly convinces us that ‘the world is out to get us’ or ‘we’re doomed,’ but I’m here to tell you something: that’s all just story. Become on, you remember: how we rationalized and explain away life’s hard kinks?

It’s all a matter of perspective… When it boils down to it: we have way more control over what we do about it than we’d probably be willing to own.

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