A Life in Writing

‘Interesting’ doesn’t even begin to describe the journey that I’ve suddenly found myself on. For years now , I’ve been struggling with the notion of becoming a writer. When will I get there? Do I need to be published to call myself a writer? Will it pay the bills? Etc. At this point, I can honestly say that I am not in it for the money… I am super excited about exploring the art of making sense of my thoughts and feelings and visions: translating them into a visual narrative that can take my readers where they need to go to understand the magical healing properties of creativity and imagination.
I have been writing stuff down for as long as I can remember being able to read … The silly thing about it is that I have taken my creativity for granted. My game isn’t about becoming a writer– that’d be a short trip indeed considering the fact that I am a writer and I’ve been doing this kind of thing for more than two decades. I know… I know… I don’t look that old to you. I’m not. I’ve just realized that I’ve been quick to dismiss most of the writing I did in school (everything under grade 13.) I wrote some pretty interesting stuff way back when…. One thing that I am learning us that there is no one set way to create a book/novel/play/ piece of writing. I think it would be pretty boring if we discovered every story in the exact same way. The process of creating a structure and characters and a plot is all about figuring it out as you go. Planning is good; it’s where you come up with a structure where you can organize all your thoughts and build them into something new.

Sometimes, I come up with a completely different idea– something that will either work with the project that I am currently developing or maybe it will become something else– in any case: I don’t want to lose it so I write it down and put it on my bulletin board and I make a note in my writing journal (aka a treadmill journal where I keep track of everything that I working on.)

Proof that I am doing what I say I'm going to do and planning for my next writing session.
Proof that I am doing what I say I’m going to do and planning for my next writing session.

This can be a total confidence booster and affirmation that I am actually doing something called ‘living the life of a writer.’

PLUS ++++ I just started reading WRITING YOUR WAY by Don Fry… Perfect timing… One of those books that I picked up and always meant to read but kept putting it off and putting it off until I opened it up today and had a huge AHA moment

Book I've just cracked open and I'm loving it!
Book I’ve just cracked open and I’m loving it!

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